Untitled 1 - Providing Temporary Lodging and Meals for the Homeless

Providing Temporary Lodging and Meals for the Homeless

Anjung Singgah, is a temporary lodging and intervention centre for the homeless which serves as a beacon of hope for those struggling in the city.

For out-of-towners coming to the city searching for a better life, just a stroke of bad luck can leave them homeless.

Resident Yusniza Jamal, 26, from Johor, said Anjung Singgah has made it possible for her to survive. “I came to Kuala Lumpur without a job and a place to stay in. I’m glad to have found out about Anjung Singgah from a friend.” She was able to stay in Anjung Singgah while looking for a job to support herself.

“The longest you can stay here is two weeks, but the management of Anjung Singgah has been very understanding in my case,” she added.

Another resident, Kamil Salleh, 63, also from Johor, has spent the last 10 months in Anjung Singgah. “I am lucky that the management of the centre is compassionate. If they had been strict, I would have been thrown out long ago,” he said.

He has found it difficult to land a job because many employers do not want elderly people like him.

There are other similarly homeless cases that were thankful to Anjung Singgah.

Main photo: Dining hall of Anjung Singgah in Kuala Lumpur. Photo by

Teha Azman

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July 2020