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5 Shows That Will Leave You Binging And Wanting More

Now since we’re mostly living in a lockdown, surely you’d need more shows you can binge, right? So, aside from online learning, here are a few shows that are worth your time to binge and enjoy during the pandemic:

Love, Death And Robots

This very unique short series consists of two volumes. The first was released in 2019 and received a great welcome from its viewers then the second volume was released in 2021 which also received a huge welcome due to how good the first one was. One of the reasons people liked them so much is because each episode had a completely different storyline. Like each story was its own short story that had every aspect it needed; an intro, rising, climax and ending. Most of their endings are very satisfying too despite being short. They don’t close off with endings that are fully closed, it mostly ends leaving just enough to the viewers’ imagination. One more interesting uniqueness about this series is that each episode, alongside their different storylines, have entirely different animation styles as well. 


3000 1 - 5 Shows That Will Leave You Binging And Wanting More

Friends is an age-old favourite of a lot of people. The characters and story have seeped into a lot of people’s hearts and many are still fans to this day despite the show going on from 1994 to 2004. It’s almost been two decades and people still love that show regardless of age too since every episode of every season is on Netflix, even youngsters in Seri Kembangan are watching it. People love this 10 season show because every episode is full of jokes and meaningful stories that just leave you wanting more. Throughout the episodes, you’ll laugh, cry and experience a lot of other episodes. If you love to binge, this show is definitely worth the watch.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Similar to Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) is also loved by many. Personally, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is in my top three shows. This is because instead of giving you a story, they sort of bring you along the journey. With each unique character and each episode, you’ll love them more and more. They currently have 7 seasons, as of 2021, and are releasing an 8th and final season soon. Thus, if you want to make it to catch up to the upcoming season, you better start watching now.

Adventure Time With Finn And Jake

Now, this cartoon is one of those cartoons that people from the age of 13 to 30 can enjoy. When I lived in Seri Kembangan in my young adult years, this cartoon would be the one to accompany me and keep me entertained. The unique thing about this cartoon would be the fact that they are very witty, have meaningful lessons a lot of the time and their characters are just amazing. This colourful cartoon would certainly be there for you when you’re happy, sad, mad or maybe even confused. They aired their last episode in 2018 and honestly, the whole show was a blast from 1st season to the 10th season. It is most definitely worth it. 

Teha Azman

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October 2021