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Automated Devices in Everyday Life

We’re in the year 2020 now, most types of machinery that we use are already automated. Not just in factories or an industrial sense, but also in terms of machines that we use on a normal basis. Automated devices make our lives so much easier to live. It’s as if there’s an extra hand helping you out. It might cost a bit more than usual items however it will be worth it in the long run. It might help you do chores that you are not able to do when you’re sick or not at home. Thus, here are a few everyday automated devices that we use in our everyday lives:

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  • Roomba 

Roombas are a compact version of a vacuum cleaner that will automatically guide itself around your home. This device that resembles a flattened trash can is able to move on its own, with no wires or cables, vacuuming your home clean as you do other chores. And to not worry about it bumping into things or falling off, this smart little device has sensors to detect if it’s getting close to an obstacle. In short, it is a vacuum cleaning robot. Quite self-explanatory in itself. This device saves you the time and energy to vacuum the area yourself. Plus, it’s really compact thus, saving space as well. 

  • Air conditioner

Almost every home nowadays have air conditioning and like its name, it conditions the air. When you have a manual air conditioner, you would have to turn it on, set the desired airflow power and once the area is cooled, the device will turn off on its own and you’d have to turn it back on when it gets warm again. However, with an automated one, you would only have to adjust the desired temperature and fan power and the air conditioner will detect the room temperature, push out enough cool air to get it to the desired temperature and lower its own power when it gets warmer. Thus, it’s easier to manage and saves you the trouble of turning it on again and again. 

  • Coffee maker

Coffee makers have been around for quite some time and evolved even more over time. Before this, it was just regular coffee and you’d have to add sugar and or milk yourself but now, there are coffee makers that make a fully crafted drink for your enjoyment like a latte or even a caramel macchiato. Of course, you can still adjust the sweetness or even type of milk you’d want in your coffee as well. 

  • Amazon Echo or Google Home

Amazon Echo and Google Home are two similar devices, both being voice-controlled hands-free speakers. To activate them you’d just have to say, “Alexa” for Amazon Echo and “Hey, Google” for Google Home. The interesting bit about both of these is that you can sync it up to your home’s software system and say commands like, “Alexa, turn on lights” and the lights in your home will turn on. Other features include being able to ask questions or playing music. It makes the perfect assistant for you at home or in the office. These devices and many more have come a long way to become what they are now as devices that help us on a daily basis. Especially with the usage of Omron electronic components in Malaysia, we can go further into making more automated devices and machines to help Malaysia develop further as a country.

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Teha Azman

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June 2021