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Benefits of living in the countryside

People tend to have this idea that only old people would live in the countryside. However, there are many youngsters who live in the countryside as well, it is just the ratio is lesser compared to older people who live in the country. The past decade has seen an increase in the number of youngsters who settle down at the countryside. Some of the reasons for this are the environment are more serene, people are closer to nature and the community tends to be friendlier and more accepting. With cities becoming busier by the year, more and more people nowadays that decide to live in the countryside. The benefits you get from living in the countryside are countless and this article would list three benefits of living in the countryside. 

1 – Physical and mental health benefit

It is scientifically proven that living in the countryside is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. The air is cleaner because nature is very much dominant in the countryside. Air quality is important because when we breathe in polluted air, it can be damaging for our lungs and other organs because blood would supply our inhaled oxygen to our entire body. It would simply increase the risk of serious illnesses. Additionally, because the overall environment is much calmer and slow-paced, people are more relaxed. They wake up to the sound of nature and the smell of grass, not to the sound of honks and the smell of burning exhaust. People are less stressed in the countryside and because of this, the community are closer and friendlier. When you have neighbours that are like your family and a peaceful life, your mental health would significantly improve. You can enjoy the nature in your surrounding rather than being blocked by skyscrapers. You will appreciate nature better, the sky, the rain, the trees, which would then make you appreciate life better.  

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2 – Less crime

The crime rate in the countryside is significantly lower than in the city. The reason behind this is that because there are lesser people in the countryside, there are less chances of this happening. There are also more police officers per capita. Police in the countryside are more aware of things because communities in the countryside tend to be closer. However, bear in mind, no place is free from crime. There will be crime but if you would like to live comfortably, where you can bike around with your family, rather than constantly worrying about thieves, then it would be better to live in the countryside. 

3 – Cheaper

Living in the countryside is so much cheaper than living in the city or suburban. Everything is cheaper in the countryside, from groceries to healthcare. Even the public transportation is cheaper. If you would like to look for a cheaper house, you can buy a property at the countryside. You can get the same bungalow, as in the city, for a cheaper price in the countryside. Depending on the location, you can even have extra land to add swimming pool or basketball court if you buy a property in the countryside. 

These are only three benefits of living in the countryside, there are so much more but it would be too long to list all here. If you are interested to try living in the countryside and you want an apartment rather than a land house, search for Dutamas apartment for rent and you will find tremendous apartments in the countryside, perfect for you. 

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Teha Azman

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September 2021