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Challenges faced by mobile app developers

Mobile app developers are currently one of the jobs that are in high demand. Many companies wish to have a mobile application for their business. It is more necessary now, in 2020, because of the pandemic. When you cannot make a physical sale, you have to turn to online sales to make a profit. This is why online shopping is so popular this year. When everyone is prohibited from going out and shop at malls or buy groceries at the supermarket, people would turn online. If your business does not have a mobile app before, you would surely want to build one now because it is most needed today and maybe in the future, if similar things were to occur, you already have an established mobile app to help you with it. For business owners, the hard part is investing in the right company to build the perfect mobile app for your business but for mobile app developers, there are many challenges in their jobs to satisfy their customers’ needs. This article would explore 3 challenges faced by mobile app developers when it comes to developing the mobile apps. 

Mobile App1 - Challenges faced by mobile app developers

1 – Finding the right path

The biggest challenge for a developer comes before they even start to build. It is the direction that they are going to take in developing the app. They have to figure out what exactly they wish to build while taking into account the customer’s demands. For example, the developers has to build an e-commerce mobile app and the customer wish to include an online receipt after the payment so the developer has to make sure that the app would be able to show the users their receipt after they have make their payment. They have to plan carefully and thoroughly even before they begin to build the app. The virtual aesthetic, the functionality and the responsiveness are some of the things they have to highlight when it comes to building the website and it has to suit the purpose of the app. If the app is a travel app, why would there be an add to cart function? If an app is a property finding app, there should not be a food related search function. These developers are constantly pressured to create an innovative app and still function exactly to its purposes. 

2 – Overcrowded market

Competition as an app developer is terrifyingly fierce. As mentioned above, many companies are opting for mobile app now and the market is expanding bigger and bigger over the years. Multiple companies specify in this sector because it is in high demand. If you go to the app store, there are thousands or more apps in it. Everyday people download new application and with the amount of applications, developers need to develop attractive applications that can stand out among the crowd and this is a huge burden. They must understand latest trends in mobile app and apply it into their creation. They have to appeal, not only to a certain targeted audience but to all audience in among thousands of apps out there. 

3 – Development technology

Choosing the best suitable development technology for the app is very important. Developers have to decide whether they want to make a Native, Hybrid or Cross platform mobile application. Many articles have compared the three platforms by pitting them against one another, but it is always best to educate people on the pros and cons of a platform rather than claiming one is better than the other. App developers must have a clear understanding on how each of the platforms because they would need to decide which platform works best with the app, and its purposes, they would like to build. This in itself can take days to decide. 

Mobile app development is a job that is in high demand but the responsibility that comes with it is huge. Their company’s name and reputation rely on the quality of the app they have built for their customers, so it is crucial that their app is of high quality. Malaysia’s mobile app company, DZOO, is a well-known company that has a professional team of app developers. Check them out if you would like to get the best mobile app possible for your business.  Read a lot of interesting articles here.

Teha Azman

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June 2021