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How To Build The Perfect Resume

You will need a resume everywhere you go. At least a work portfolio.

The way businesses look at the resume has changed over the years. However, the basics for a good resume still remain the same. Whether you are presenting yourself to a MLM software Malaysia company or an architectural firm, a good resume can go a long way, especially when you don’t have much experience. 

A good resume is a combination of many little fine ingredients. It is important to use the best of the ingredients to make the perfect dish, in this case, the perfect resume. What are the ingredients and concoctions that go into this dish? 

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  • Powerful Objective 

Why do you want to work in this relevant field that you are applying to? What are you looking for. To be honest, companies care little about what your objective is than about what you can offer and how you can benefit them. While I would love to say be honest and be frank as you wish, this won’t fly in a good resume. A good resume has a summary or an objective that speaks to the value you can bring to the organization. It can be something along the line of “Competent digital marketer, experienced with CRM tools, content creation, leverage and attracting customers”  The sentence speaks to the work you have done and what you are possibly going to do in the organization. It is a power move in your resume that you can utilize. 

  • Communicate Your Qualifications 

Be clear about how qualified you are. Even if you are a fresh graduate, you have more qualifications than you can imagine. Think about a time you saved a project, and led your team. Or the time you organized and hosted an event.  Maybe think about your role in a team. Are you the leader, the designer, the do-er? Whatever your role was, it makes you qualified for a fresh new job today. 

  • Make A Note Of Keywords

You may think the job description itself is not important. This where you misunderstood. The words used in the job description serve as keywords. Take a note of every little keyword in the job description and understand what the hiring committee is looking for. Some companies may use an automated technology that filters out the resume that does not have the keywords they are looking for. So make sure you highlight the words in the job description and formatting your resume according to that. 

  • Combination Of Relevant Soft and Hard Skills.

Personalization of the relevant soft skills and hard skills is a given, yet most make the mistake of writing the same skills over and over in every resume. A marketing company is not looking for your amazing skills in construction while a construction company is not looking for your copywriting skills. Write down the skills you can accumulate over the years. Include both soft skills and hard skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. A good combination of both along with personalization will increase your chances of being hired. 

While these are some basic fundamentals, these cannot guarantee you a job instantly. But don’t give up hope and keep looking for your dream job. Utilization of the basics and a clean-looking resume will get you much further along the job-hunting process. 

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Teha Azman

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September 2021