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How To Make Your Page Popular

Are you a seller on social media? Want to make your page very popular very fast. Do you want to gather more buyers for your products? Here are some ways to make your page popular. To make your page popular you need to put in a lot of work which will take a lot of time and effort. There are several ways you can try to gain more traffic on your site so that you can earn more. You can even join us here for Malaysia social media marketing services so that you can boost your page’s views and clicks. Making your page popular shouldn’t be a hassle if you follow these steps.

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First of all, you can start off to make your page popular by posting frequently. Every social media account has an algorithm that you can use to gain more traffic. In YouTube, liking the posts as well as posting the same frequency. For example, you must have 2 videos every week minimum to get a continuous flow of subscribers to view your videos. In Instagram or Facebook the like , comment and share algorithm is popular as it increases the number who stumble across your product or posts. If you’re a business you can use these algorithms to your advantage and get more people to see your post or your products. The algorithm is a free and cost-effective way for you to gain more people to come by your sites. You can even add giveaways to your pages so that more people will come and see the freebies. We Malaysians love free stuff and so does Instagram, the moment you add a giveaway to your page, many people will start picking up on your page and soon enough you will be booming.

Next, you can do livestreams. Live Streams are a popular way for you to gain viewers quick and fast. Live Streams can only be done by channels with more than 3K on YouTube. Instagram accounts are also gaining an audience quickly by livestreams. Anyone can do livestreams on Instagram and it’s a great way to demonstrate your products to consumers. Consumers can also learn about your products and how to use it when you show them in a livestream. Instagram also allows for pages to show higher in the search bar when they do more promotional events such as livestreams.

Next, you can also use advertisements to make your page popular. Advertisements are a great way for you to make your unknown pages popular. You can boost your facebook page using the boost button on pages. Facebook will charge approximately RM80 to boost for five days and during the time hopefully, you will earn more than RM80 in profits so you can continue to advertise your products so that more people will come and buy from you. Even if all you sell are your art commissions, which are good enough, you can do the same. By doing so, you will be able to earn more customers while making your page popular.

 We hope you take these steps and enjoy them. Use them on your own page to try and practice. Hopefully you gain more traffic on your page and more buyers on your products.

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Teha Azman

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September 2021