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Is paint harmful to people’s health?

Paint contains formaldehyde, and of course, it has a certain impact on people’s health, so when buying paint, we must understand the material’s substances.

Home should be a safe harbor for us after our daily busy working hours outside. Therefore, a good living environment has a certain degree of influence on our physical and mental health. When we decorate the house, we will use paint. Do you know if paint is harmful to our health?

Paint contains formaldehyde, and of course, it has a certain impact on people’s health, so when buying paint, we must understand the material’s substances. Try to buy well-established brands of paint and pigment, so the quality is more guaranteed, and also with environmental protection. While the formaldehyde is less, the natural impact on people’s health will not be particularly big. So, before decorating a house, you might as well compare different chemical suppliers in Malaysia to find your most trusted manufacturers.

If inferior paint is used, the harmful substances in the paint will cause harm to the human body. The organic solvent vapor in the paint can irritate the mucous membrane of the eye and cause tears. If the organic solvent in the paint touches the skin, it will dissolve the skin oil and infiltrate the tissue, which will interfere with the physiological function, cause dehydration, and lead to the infection of dirt and bacteria because the skin is dry and cracked. If the organic solvent contacts the epidermis, it will cause the keratinization of the epidermis, causing irritation of the epidermis and causing redness and bubbles. If the paint solvent infiltrates the human body, it will destroy blood cells and bone marrow. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of protection when using paint.

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In addition, when the organic solvent vapor of the paint is inhaled through the respiratory organs, people often have an anesthetic effect. Most of the vapor is inhaled through the trachea to the lungs, and then transmitted through the blood or lymph to other organs, resulting in varying degrees of poisoning and often significant toxicity to the respiratory tract, nervous system, lung, kidney, blood and hematopoietic system. Besides, when people eat or smoke in places polluted by paint solvent vapor, the poison will first enter the mouth, into the esophagus and gastrointestinal, causing nausea and vomiting, and then through the digestive system, to harm other organs. So it’s not safe to live or eat in a freshly painted house.

As most of us tend to use paint with safety guarantee in our daily life, so in the face of the harm of paint, there will not be too much concern, and the immunity of ordinary adults is also good, but children and pregnant women may need to pay more attention to it. If severe, the child’s respiratory tract or memory may be damaged, and pregnant women living in a place with harmful substances for a long time may affect the health and normal development of the fetus, especially in the early pregnancy.

So, even if we are eager to live in a new home, please bear with us until the house’s safety indicators reach the normal range before we check in. Otherwise, no matter who lives in the new home, an unhealthy body will not bring happiness.

Teha Azman

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October 2021