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Metal Roof Structure Is An Efficient And Economical Option For Your Work

The main purpose of the roof is to protect the building from the weather. In addition, it acts as a thermal regulator of environments. And the metal roof structure, despite being an excellent option, is still considered by few people. 

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However, they are increasingly used in Malaysia’s properties, standing out for the speed of installation and less waste generation. After all, compared to a wooden structure, it can be fixed up to three times faster. In addition, the steel material prevents damage caused by pests, such as termites. 

Advantages Of The Metal Roof Structure 

The Metal Roof Structure Offers Some Benefits That Deserve To Be Highlighted. Among Them Are :

  • Light material and easy handling; 
  • Quick installation; 
  • Longer service life; 
  • Zero loss product; 
  • Good structural strength; 
  • Weight reduction in the structure; 
  • Lesser number of Tuesdays and rafters; 
  • They do not bite or warp; 
  • Pest-free roof; 
  • Greater organization of the construction site; 
  • Less waste production; 
  • Ecological material, which reduces deforestation and can be dismantled and reused; 
  • Quality assurance, since industrial production works with quality control; 
  • High resistance. 

Assembly Process 

It is indisputable that the process of assembling the metal structure for the roof will vary according to the type of coverage that will be received. Therefore, and in the first place, it is essential that the parts are located according to the design indication. And this must be done with attention to the indicated slope, roof water, square and leveling. 

Subsequently, the cradles are accommodated for the gutters and thirds, which function as support for the pieces. Here, the distances between the supports can vary according to the profile adopted. Normally, the indicated is around 3 meters. 

The bumbung besi installation of the gutters follows. The ideal is to bet on those that have already been folded at the factory. Poorly dimensioned gutters can cause serious problems for buildings. 

The structure of the Tuesdays, in turn, demands that the positioning on the supports be carried out as mandated by the project. In order to have a good fixation, it is interesting to use steel bars with sinkers in these supports.

Teha Azman

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October 2021