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Most Usual Culprits of Liver Problems

Most Usual Culprits of Liver Problems

Aside from the heart, the liver is another organ that needs tender loving care for a better lifestyle. This is tasked so some of the most important body functions. However, the liver can be challenged by different liver problems, thus it is important that you should nurture your liver with the right types of foods, and even liver supplements.

What are the most common triggers of liver problems? Check this out:

1. Viruses such as the three types of hepatitis and more
2. Drugs like some of those OTC, herbal supplements, vitamins and dietary supplements
3. Metabolic problems
4. Alcohol
5. Immune system

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6. Genetic abnormalities
Yes, it is easy to see that it is nearly impossible to completely avoid all the possible causes of liver problems. However, this does not mean that you won’t do anything. You can still do a lot of things actually like avoiding those habits that can put your liver to risk. Like for example smoking and too much alcohol intake. Check these news out to know how bad these habits are.

At the same time, you should not eat foods that are very sugary as they can also damage your liver. A healthy liver means a longer life. So, take the time to really take good care of your liver and buy 马来西亚最好的高胆固醇中药.

Teha Azman

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July 2021