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Popular Smartphone Companies Around The World

In the last two decades, we have seen a rapid development in technology than the past century. Smartphone technology has come so far that it is part of our daily lives, thanks to the genius minds like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Samsung’s Lee Byung-Chul who helped to develop smartphones into what they are today. In the early 2000s, Apple and Samsung were the top companies who remained uncontended as they are the only companies. Now, there are many other companies that have developed more advanced smartphones than Apple and Samsung. Some companies, like Huawei and Xiaomi, have quickly climbed up in the market and are listed as top 10 smartphone companies in the world.

One of the major additions that increases the value of smartphones is social media when Facebook was first introduced into the world. Although anyone with an internet connection could use Facebook on their computers, smartphones allow users to have access to Facebook’s services anytime, anywhere for free. During the early stages of smartphone technology, it provides a unique functionality to the world that it is a must have for users around the world, especially towards youths. Today, there are many other social media apps that are competing against each other to earn the top spot with each app offering more niche use than the others. For example, Instagram is more popular towards youths who love showing off pictures and videos of themselves while TikTok focuses on generating trendy video content. This would lead to almost every business company to advertise their products digitally as it helps to advertise their products more effectively. For companies who are not familiar with digital marketing, they can hire the assistance of Republic Agency to help their clients to raise their brand’s awareness.

As technology continues to develop, there are many more features that help to boost the value of smartphones, including public WiFi and the ability to connect to 5G WiFi internet connection, which most of the latest smartphones have. With so many smartphone companies in the world now, which companies should you buy your smartphone from.

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  1. Apple

As one of the progenitors of smartphones, Apple is one of the most popular electronic companies in the world known for their products suitable for advanced designing. It is also because you can connect any Apple devices under one account, which allows you to have access to all of your data on any Apple devices including the Apple watch. However, when Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the quality of their products went down and started charging their products at an extremely high price and having questionable business practices. 

One great example is when they force consumers to purchase a charger separately for their latest iPhone 12, despite 99.9% of smartphone companies would always provide a charger with the purchased smartphones. Another popular incident is when they introduced the world’s first wireless earphones, the Airpod, which raises questions for smartphone users around the world. However, they would later introduce an option to purchase wires for their wireless Airpods. 

Because of these incidents, most Apple users would purchase other smartphones instead to receive more benefits at a cheaper price than Apple. Despite that, Apple’s products are still a top pick for designers and other rich businessmen around the world to get a feeling of self-gratification. It is also the only company in the world who developed their own software to compete against Android, which means that users require an Apple account to receive the full benefits of using Apple devices.

  1. Samsung

Also another progenitor of smartphones, Samsung offers a cheaper alternative for smartphone enthusiasts around the world when the iPhone and iPads are way too expensive to purchase. It is also the first company to introduce a usable pen that works on smartphones, called a stylus pen. These pens would help designers and businessmen to write on their smartphones and input texts more accurately. 

However, one of the most infamous problems their smartphones have is that it drains battery extremely quickly. Obviously, smartphone batteries would start to drain more the longer you use it. In Samsung’s case, it drains much faster at the usual rate due to multiple factors.

They are also infamous for having one of their smartphones exploding on their users, causing the discontinuation of the product and tarnishing their image among their loyal users. 

  1. Huawei

As one of the new challengers into the competition, Huawei has climbed up the ranks and landed itself as one of the top smartphone developers in the world. Their smartphones are also known for having one of the best quality cameras in the world, along with iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 just to name a few. More importantly, their P30 had remained uncontended as the smartphone with the best camera in 2019, until other smartphones followed suit and added more camera lenses onto their smartphones, which consequently lead to some weird looking designs for some smartphones.

One of the few downsides of owning a Huawei smartphone is that their non-pro versions can be underwhelming despite having to pay a high price. This would lead to the development of the pro versions of their latest smartphones, which boasts improved functionality and system than their non-pro variants. Their latest smartphone, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, may have one of the best hardwares for taking pictures, but it does not have Google apps and Play Store due to an incident when former president Donald Trump decided to stop providing Google services to China, which is Huawei’s country of origin.

Despite all of this, getting a smartphone is up to your personal preferences as each company has their own functionalities or cheaper alternatives that can outperform some of the latest hardware. Make sure that you look up on the negatives of the smartphones you want to purchase to avoid any problems in the future.

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Teha Azman

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October 2021