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Right Internet Connection that will suit You

The companies that provide satellite internet in the country today are essentially two. If we live in the mountains or in a fairly desolate area, the Internet connection via satellite dish could be the only way to surf the Internet without a fixed telephone line. Try Time fibre package for the best results now.

Time Internet and ADSL Wi-Fi provider

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The last method proposed is the most balanced one, both in terms of costs and in terms of installation and connection speed, since they use Time Internet and dedicated LTE connections (other than those reserved for mobile phones).

The Time Internet is a type of wireless technology that works through a repeater antenna and receiver. The receiver is installed on the roof of the building or on the terrace of an apartment in order to receive the signal and surf the Internet. The companies that supply the Time Internet offers flat rates at low cost and speeds up to 20 Mega per second, more than enough to surf the Internet without too many pretensions.

  • To enhance the service, many wireless operators also offer LTE connectivity (dedicated only to the service), so as to be able to reach more users and guarantee speeds up to 100 Mega per second.
  • Coverage can be checked at the various sites of these companies by providing a neighbour’s phone number or address. For rates, options and all the details I refer to the official websites.

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Some of the proposed solutions can solve the problem of the digital divide in The country, especially if we have good LTE coverage (to take advantage of the unrepeatable unlimited offer of the Three). The download speed is always greater than the upload speed and with the optical fibre, it can even reach 1,000 Mega.

Difference between download and upload speed

In addition to the price, the main parameters to consider to understand if an internet offer is suitable for your needs are the download speed and the upload speed. Basically, these are the data transfer speeds respectively from the network to the PC and from the PC to the network. In this guide, we will try to better understand the difference between download and upload speeds, but also to understand how they are measured and which can be considered acceptable or good values ​​for these two parameters.

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September 2021