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Running a Business Online? Here is Something You Need To Consider!

It is a no-brainer, it should be plainly obvious to ANYONE running a business online that digital marketing is the life blood. Kind of make sense, you’re online, so digital marketing is the only way to go in order to get exposure for your business.

The folks at Sterrific showed us the importance of digital marketing and its benefits to any online presence.

If you are a large company or a decently sized one, and you still have a lack of online presence, then you are really missing out. 

I might be preaching to the choir, as they say, when I talk about this. But for those of you who are still getting the hang of taking yourself and your business online, then trust me on this one. Consider digital marketing. 

We are in 2020, it’s all digital these days and everyone (nearly) in the world has some form of access to the internet, so yeah getting exposure of that sorts online will surely do WONDERS for your business! 

I’ll start simple by listing the reasons to do so and it’s advantages, for those of you who need a little more convincing.

Many forms!

Digital marketing can come in many forms! You can start simple by having an official social media account for your company in which current and future customers can follow for updates and so on. This form is very popular among small businesses as platforms like Facebook have made it easier to open up pages for businesses. Other platforms which may be popular are Twitter and YouTube if your business likes creating videos.

Besides social media, a website is also ideal. A website can really cement your company’s online presence. But there are billions upon billions of sites out there, so how do you ensure that yours is picked up the next time someone searches for a service you provide? The answer is SEO. 

SEO? Let me Explain!

What is SEO you ask? Well it is another form of digital marketing, and a VERY important one at that! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this is basically ensuring that when someone searches for a service that you provide, be it a guide or actual service, your website and company name appears on top of or the very least on the first page of a Search Engine Results Page, or SERP (Yes there is quite an amount of abbreviations). 

Here is a full article about SEO if you need to know more!

So what?

Why is this important? Well, let me answer a question with a question, when was the last time you looked on the second or third page of a Google search? Exactly. 

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Everyone and anyone with a website will always try to aim for the first page of the SERP using a variety of methods.

These methods can range from honest proper ways, or referred to as White Hat, or they can involve illicit techniques, referred to as Black Hat. 

Google penalizes BMW:

In White Hat, those in charge of running the site takes their time to study the algorithmic patterns and ways that a search engine like Google seeks out the best results. (Bare in mind, the results are all localized to ensure that people receive results that are related to their respective areas should they seek it.) Then they begin to optimize the site, by perhaps putting out content which involves key words that searchers use when finding a service they provide. 

And of course, provide the service at such a good standard that it gets people talking, and that your company is referred to often. This may lead to an increase in clicks to your site, and eventually the Google bots will pick this up and place your sight link on the top of the page, making your company the go to solution in its respective field and vicinity. But only through hard work.

The Audacity!

But then there are those who choose to skip the hard work and seek the easy way out. Such atrociousness, the criminality! The horror!

OK, I may be overreacting, but there is indeed cheaters in the SEO field and they implement the use of what is called, Black Hat SEO. 

The methods that fall under Black Hat SEO might include running spam websites, which are sites filled with various keywords in order to get people to come to it, only to find out that it may not be useful for their own respective queries. While the illicit sites gets clicks, users waste their time. Which is pretty annoying. 

Fortunately, Google, being the search engine super power they are, has made it easier to spot these illicit sites and black list them from ever showing up in the search engine results page. A suitable punishment, suitable for the crime I say…

But sometimes people do get away with it, which is why it is still a problem.

But the thing about black hat is that it indeed does get the results, it will increase SEO, but it is followed by dire consequences which is not worth the risk.

All things at a price…

But if you want to skip all the SEO entirely, you could always hand Google a bit of cash to place your site on the top of the results page as an ad. This method is also rather popular as it is a quick and sure way to ensure the link of your site appears where you want it to be. 

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The rate of payment is based on the amount of clicks and you must allocate a specific amount you want to give to Google. But once the funds are out, your site will be de-listed from showing up as an ad on the results page. Unless you site already has good SEO.

All this might be too much for one to handle, it does take a bit of understanding to sort of grasp. I say “sort of” because Google is always changing the way they do things, all we can do is somewhat figure out in order to keep up, but as of now, the methods to get good SEO is as is. 

Here is an article about PPC if you want to learn more!

But for those who still struggle, there are people in firms dedicated to helping companies with their digital marketing. 

Our situation and salvation…

We were among those who still needed help in the beginning, we were not getting the exposure we needed. So we reached out for help and managed to get in touch with Steve over at Sterrific. Now we have a newfound understanding of digital marketing and it’s importance for anyone trying to run something online.

So a major thanks to them!

For more articles such as these and other things, be sure to check out the rest of our blog, you will surely find something that me tickle your interest!

Teha Azman

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