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Secretarial and Administration Training

The secretarial and administrative training grouped in this section is intended for professionals holding a support function in their company and in charge of ensuring, among other things, the daily administrative management of the company, reception, invoicing, archiving, mail and parcel delivery. 

All organizations, regardless of their size, need a quality administrative service. The administration and the secretariat represent operational support functions essential to the proper functioning of organizations. They take care of all daily administrative activities. Administrative managers and secretaries must be versatile since they are often responsible for very diverse tasks, such as invoicing or customer relations. They are often involved in the organization of events and in welcoming visitors.

The secretariat is a support function responsible for managing mail, telephone communications (standard), preparing meetings, drafting meeting reports, managing a manager’s schedule (role of assistant). The job of secretary has undergone many changes. The range of activities incumbent on the secretariat has widened and this profession has become entirely dependent on the Office suite, which any assistant / secretary must master perfectly. 

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Why take secretarial and administrative training?

There is a wide choice of vocational training courses for trades associated with general services. Following secretarial training and continuous training is of paramount importance in this field of activity. The training allows managers in this sector to adapt to the evolution of companies, to integrate technological changes that allow the administrative function to be optimized and to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to challenge their organization.

Who are the secretarial and administrative training courses for?

The vocational training courses in this section are intended for people holding an administrative or secretarial role and wishing to develop or improve their professional skills. Administrative secretaries, management secretaries, general service managers and a variety of other professions fall within the scope of this theme.

What does secretarial and administrative training look like?

A secretarial or administrative training is generally a short training course which allows the development of skills to better fulfill these daily tasks and missions. Some training courses only deal with administrative issues and are grouped together in the section dedicated to administrative training, others are focused on the assistant profession and are compiled in the section dedicated to assistant training.

What skills can you develop through secretarial and administrative training?

By following a secretarial and administrative training with one of the best human resource course in Malaysia at Widad University, you will be able to develop the skills necessary to better fulfill your administrative missions, you will be able to better control data archiving, specialize in a secretarial field by becoming a legal secretary for example, follow a certification training in secretarial work, increase your efficiency and your performance as an assistant as well as many other skills and knowledge to improve your daily life and make you essential in your organization.

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