Tips & Tricks For Effective Online Learning

In conjunction with the pandemic, many industries have since taken their respective turning point to prevent the further spread of infectious respiratory disease. Digital technology thereby has been largely utilized to allow a smooth process of many quotidian undertakings including the workforce and education field, where working and studying from home are now the new normal. By hook or by crook, a fairly heated debate revolving around the feasibility of online classes is raised; some support the conduct of virtual classes and some, on the other hand, oppose. While there are both upsides and downsides to online classes, it is the most appropriate decision for the time being, and here are some techniques you could master to ease online learning. 

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Having classes within your comfort zone is not the easiest of things to do ever because you are prone to be impacted by whatever distractions laying around your surroundings, this includes your mobile phone, your bed, your PlayStation, and any other diversions you have in your parents’ house in USJ. To combat sources of disturbance, students must maintain full discipline and not fall into the traps. Maintaining discipline is not easy but prioritizing important tasks helps. To put this into perspective, students can jot down their agenda to be accomplished by the end of the day and cross them off after particular tasks are completed. 

Be Participative In Class

Learning through virtual platforms is comparatively different from doing so face-to-face because the former encompasses the use of technology which can be prone to technical hitches sometimes. Problems such as poor internet connectivity and malfunctioning computers may potentially jeopardize students’ process to learn online. While these stumbling blocks can be pretty unpredictable, there is one way students can master to make full use of their opportunity to learn online. Students who actively get themselves involved with lectures tend to learn better than those who do little to nothing behind their webcam. It is said that conversing with counterparts regarding a taught subject matter, it makes information retention fairly easier. 

Stay Anywhere But At Home 

While studying from home allows you to learn by just being in bed, it is not the most desirable of ways ever to learn. Suppose you have a rental unit in USJ, you may want to take your tasks there rather than doing so at home because staying away from home promotes better self-discipline. Home in general is not the most conducive of environments to study from because it is difficult to draw the line between work and life. By doing so in your rental house, you have the entire place to yourself to focus on your commitments without anybody coming in your way. 

Bottom Line 

The pandemic has yet to come to an end, thus the essentiality of online classes to be conducted. While learning from home can be fairly challenging, it is still feasible provided you have mastered its technique. 

Teha Azman

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October 2021