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What Is A Brand Activation Agency?

A brand activation agency aims to build a genuine and more friendly relationship between the brand and consumer and not just focusing on the product and service.  Brand activation agency usually requires existential technology to develop an excellent brand experience for the consumers.

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Now do not get confused with brand activation and experiential marketing. Both may seem similar nut there is a difference between both of them. The goal for brand activation is to build an engagement between the consumer and the brand.  Brand activation guarantees that the brand value is still active and initiated in the consumer’s minds. Brand activation connects with the consumer’s minds of the product or service value and develops a relation among them.

Brand activation campaign usually is all about honest representation on the consumer’s mind that the advertising and promoting product or services are ensured to be true. Experiential marketing typically utilizes as a procedure of brand activation. But it is crucial to know that both are different. 

A brand activation usually involves several methods and procedures in order to build a multi-sensory satisfactory experience for the consumer that will engage them with the product or service brand in an authentic state. It’s the most crucial point on beginning an ideally sincere and open engagement between the brand and the consumer.

Due to these, there are many procedure brands accommodating brand activation agencies when developing a campaign that aims to activate a product or service brand. 

There are many progressive ways to reach the young audience especially the millennials and Generation Z that are way wiser and smarter to differentiate the difference between forceful advertising and genuine advertising. Brand representation matters a lot to youngsters and experiential marketing is one of the best methods to influence the brand. The idea is to build an engagement with the young consumer to connect with a brand during an occasion.

The next method is in-store activation. In-store is an element of brand activation solutions. For in-store activation, experiential technology is vital to be used to develop an extension layer of positive experience that supposedly be a basic promotion of the product or service. It completely depends on the brand activation agency to produce a creative and innovative experience that able to visualize since the quality of the product is vital when it comes to brand activation.

There are always other procedures and methods that be utilized for brand activation like sampling campaigns and building brand experiences at events. The sampling campaign has a very basic and simple concept. To let the consumer have a trial of the product and services for free. If the product and service quality is satisfactory for the consumers, they will come back for more. Sampling campaigns is also a traditional way of marketing because the idea revolves around the consumer experiencing and having a taste of the brand’s product and services.

There is well-known such as Brand Activation Asia Sdn Bhd and Brand 360 Sdn Bhd. Brand activation agency is the new way of marketing a product or service that only aims at providing a positive and honest experience to the consumer rather than focusing on the brand’s product or services. Brand need brand activation because the old-school advertising has become conservative to catching up with the new generation of youths that are way smarter to fall for the traditional methods of marketing.

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Teha Azman

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September 2021