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Why Sex Is Important In Marriage

Have you been married for some time now? So, is your life together with your husband still exciting? Sometimes, when the marriage is counting years already or decades maybe, things can become less exciting and that goes with your sex life. it would be like you and your partner are already treating each other like relatives. 

Do you think sex has a big role in a marriage? Yes, of course it is. Check out below why:

  • If you want to stay intimate with your partner, so your closeness will remain, sex is a must. The two are connected like if you won’t have sex, it will be hard to stay intimate. It is during sex with love that you can freely express yourself. If you think your lovemaking is not as exciting as it used to be, you can make use of dildo Malaysia online. They can be availed online so the purchase will be less embarrassing. 
  • When you are having sex with your partner, it means you trust him with all of your whole beings. This is because you have exposed yourself completely to him. It goes without saying that it will be hard to make love with someone whom you don’t trust us you might end up being told or being rejected for that matter. 
  • Sex can actually bring about a lot of good things to your body, not to mention, self-satisfaction. You will feel desired and loved and because of that, you will feel more confident. It will feel good that someone wants you. it can also alleviate stress and aid in memory. Yes, you can say indeed that sex in marriage is a win-win situation, not to consider the fact that it is also an obligation. This is automatic after you walk the aisle. 

But this does not mean that you will just give in anytime your partner will want to have sex. After all, you are not a machine and sex should be done when both of you want it. As long as you are not completely ignoring him, your preferences should also be followed when it comes to the frequency of the sex. 

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There are times when sex is become the reason why husbands cheat. They complain that their wives are not active anymore. While this is at times true, there are also times when this is just one of their alibis to justify their infidelity. This should not be reason enough for you to have sex as often as your husband wants just because you are afraid, he might look for it outside. That will lose the essence of sex if that will be one of the reasons. 

Sex, as mentioned is a gift. This should be treated as such and not as a tool to hold on to someone. You should make your lovemaking a beautiful one as doing so will make the both of you closer to each other. This will make you feel connected. 

Teha Azman

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September 2021